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This is why Facebook Workplace is better than its alternatives!

Workplace from facebook

Photo Credits: Facebook Newsroom.

Facebook is all about connecting you with your family and friends. Many companies block Facebook from browsing to keep their employees focused on work related tasks. Probably that frustrated Facebook so they decided to be used during the working hours.

“The same way we connect people; we want to connect coworkers”, as per Facebook spokesperson.

Workplace will be available for companies, NGOs and educational institutions. It is not only a social network, it is also provided with a productivity tool and messenger. After nearly 20 months of testing, the previously known as “Facebook at work” is now publicly released. All around the world companies and organizations have been using it in private beta version; the main five countries were India, USA, Norway, UK and France. As obvious as it sounds Facebook “Workplace” is a virtual platform for the real workplace so what do you need to move your work to workplace? Check the features below.

The Best of Facebook and more


  • Messenger chat
  • Facebook Live
  • Facebook Groups
  • Facebook Events
  • Built in audio
  • Video calling
  • Access to team member profiles
  • Workplace accounts are separate form Facebook accounts
  • Dashboard analytics
  • Single sign-in and better IT integration.
  • Ad free space

Workplace will be the solution to daily distraction to many companies. It could even replace all the emails and be more interactive, real-time and effective. We predict that Facebook will definitely be adding more features by time to make it more office friendly

Competition? Nah

Facebook workplace is definitely a hit; it has an extremely competitive price compared to its closest competitor Slack, almost half price. Many of the top leading software companies’ social network products like Microsoft Yammer, SAP Jam, IBM Connections and VMWare’s social cast were originally inspired by Facebook.

Workplace has the same look, feel and features of the famous Facebook interface, this is another advantage it has, compared to its competitors; besides the price, its usability. Probably there will be no training (which saves cost again) since no employee is not used to Facebook interface and familiar with it.

Making the right connections with the right people will get work done and applying workplace in the right way will definitely pay off.

Enjoy watching the demo

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