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How To Make Your Story Go Viral

Telling a story to a friend is definitely entertaining, especially if you are gossiping about the newest fashion trends or the latest soccer news, but telling a story to your audience might be a bit challenging. How would you guarantee that you’ve created the perfect alignments between your business, your prospects and your audience? You have to spontaneously merge yourself within the barriers and know how to speak their language.

There is no doubt that different storytelling techniques are capable of making a huge turn over in the future of digital marketing. However, telling your brand’s story is much more than what you’ll write on your website, your blog or even your social media channels. It’s your value, your mission, your aim to capture your audience’s attention and stand out among millions of Google’s queries. Remember you don’t want to be “a part of,” you want to be “The Part.”

Here are some guaranteed tips to master storytelling!

  • Immersive Storytelling:

Immersive storytelling is creating a content that will easily catch the audience’s attention. This can be something relatable, something they can see themselves in, or something that is trending in this field. Your story should make your audience literally live the moment. Through the usage of technology and internet to create unique experiences through Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) to capture the attention of the world. Immersive storytelling is becoming one of the most interesting tools for brands to convey their message and not only get audience to interact but to make them enjoy the interaction as well.

  • Dark Social:

Some social sharing can’t be tracked by web analytics platforms. That’s where dark social plays a huge role. It’s the idea of sharing of content and associating links to content that is visible to brands, which is a small percentage of what is happening in the digital social space.

Most brands are waking up to the fact that they are missing a lot of information that can’t easily be measured on different platforms, which undermines the way in which audience interact.

So the solution to this, is the ability to track links that are shared through private conversations on different media platforms by focusing on personification.

  • Customer – Led Storytelling:

Individuals nowadays have many different platforms to share their thoughts and point of views. Moreover; our target audience interact more with the word of mouth and peers rather than the traditional advertising. Thus, we need to get the best usage of it and encourage them to tell a story about our brand. And that’s how we can boost our analytical results in ways that were never imagined to be possible and that’s through highlighting our audience’s interactions.

  • Philanthropic Storytelling:

Credibility and transparency! Who doesn’t crave those two in any content we lay our eyes on?

That’s what philanthropic storytelling aims to do. People want a good and honest story with a purpose. They want to know more about how you treat your employees and what’s behind the scenes of your work flow. Make your story worth telling, authentic and concise, not just amusing. This won’t only help you raise traffic and interactions, but will also help you understand your audience better and therefore steer your digital marketing campaigns with an effective approach.

  • Mini – Ads:

What is the first thing that pops into your mind when you think of the word “Advertisement?” It might be a video ad. right?

That’s because people want to feel the moment, live in the advertisement and explore themselves with the product or the service you are providing. However, you should come up with new ways to engage with your audience. We are all tight on time and sometimes we won’t spend it on watching long ads. That’s where the six seconds mini-ads come in handy. YouTube just jumped on this trend by launching its 6 seconds story challenge and the marvelous engagement cannot be unseen.

  • Data Driven Storytelling:

Can you imagine that the amount of content that is being produced either by a business owner or an individual in 2020 will reach 1.72 MB per second?

This huge amount of data can help us reshape any kind of information by creating an appealing story behind it. We have to grasp the hints of what the data is telling us and use it to get inspired and make some changes. You may also find some archived papers that you’ve never thought of reusing, but what if you recycled all the data into an info graph design with a heart touching caption, or something that will attract your audience and deliver your message smoothly? We don’t like to admit it, but as humans we are driven by emotions. It’s not actually the information that satisfies us, it’s the emotional impact behind it. In other words; the story behind it.

Stories can be medicine or poison. It’s how you tell it that makes the difference. You will either raise your traffic, grab your audience’s attention and emotionally bond with them, or the other way around. If you want to create an outstanding story that will boost your traffic, you certainly came to the right place.

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