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Know how bad you need a professional to run your business.

Here are a few questions companies might ask themselves and answer as they embark on a social media marketing journey:


  1. What goals do you hope to achieve from a social media marketing effort?
  2. What measures of success will be used to evaluate a social media marketing program?
  3. What are your current social media channels and destination web sites/pages?:
  4. Do you employ a full-time community manager?
  5. If not, do multiple staff share the role of community manager?
  6. Are you conducting a formal effort at monitoring social channels using a social media monitoring/analysis software application? (Ex: Techrigy SM2, ScoutLabs, SocialRadar, Radian6)
  7. Is there a particular business unit, division or product that can serve as a test case?
  8. If active, how long has the company participated with social media sites and which? Blogging, Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, Wikis, Delicious, Digg, StumbleUpon, etc
  9. Are current social media participation on different sites coordinated?
  10. Is a dashboard and campaign management tool used for social media content promotion?
  11. Have you noticed any particular preferences within the target audience in their social web participation?
  12. Do they prefer particular sites? (Twitter vs Facebook – blogs vs forums)
  13. Do they comment, do they contribute content, do they tend to observe, do they not participate at all?
  14. Have you identified and engaged and/or networked with influentials in your target industry on social web sites?
  15. What unique value do current social media efforts offer clients/prospective clients? What need do they satisfy better than the competition?
  16. Are text content or media regularly shared on other social media sharing sites?
  17. Is there a user generated content component of your web site? Profiles, comments, reviews, content sharing: text, image, video or audio?
  18. What departments, business units, cost centers and approval entities would be involved with the Social Media program? Is there an internal social media council?
  19. What internal human resources are available within the company for support and implementation of social media marketing initiatives? (Content creation, network development, promotion, monitoring & analytics, community engagement)
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