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How Would Life be Without Social Media? We Wonder!

Can you spend a day without Social Media? Wouldn’t it be like a nightmare!

You may love it, hate it but you surely cannot be untouched by it. Social media has hit everyone with a tsunami of joys, connections, emotions, making it easy to share and alter the way we interact with the world. On Social Media Day, we bring to you a list of 10 things, which we think will be missed badly if, God forbid,

Social Media was to vanish!

1. Imagine if you woke up one day in a world minus all your hundreds of “friends”. After all how many friends do you hang out with in real life? 10-20, may be 50, if you are extremely popular. Loss of hundreds of your social media friends would be a huge loss, indeed!
 giphy Life be Without Social Media
2. No Likes, no comments, no shares – crash land into the Zero-hood from the Hero-dom!
 giphy Life be Without Social Media
3. What’s a mouth that can’t #pout and what’s a pout that’s not Instagramed? Did we hear, no #selfie?!
4. Imagine your high demanding job without the “cooling off” social venting breaks? When Twitter is gone, where else will we change the world with 140 characters?
 every person on earth will be working for us
5. Being spoilt for choice will be a nightmare without FB polls. How will we make important decisions in life?
 Being spoilt for choice
6. The early bird gets the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese! Free time will lose its charm without any access to trending videos and those fun pin boards on Pinterest. How will the world see your “creative side”?
 The early bird gets the worm
7. “It’s Saturday. I plan on doing nothing and plenty of it.” This will be your regular weekend plan in the absence of social media. No social=No LinkedIn=No job=No money=NO PARTY!
 The early bird gets the worm
8. Metro journeys, TV ad breaks, waiting for food, waiting for someone…wait, wait and wait! All these waits will seem endless in the absence of social media.
 Life Without Social Media
9. “Single and ready to mingle” – but where will you mingle if social media is ducked?
 Single and ready to mingle
10. Last but not the least, how will you add much needed spice to your mainstream meals if not shared with the rest of the world.
mainstream meals
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