Top Trends in Internet Usage

The world seems to be becoming increasing digitalised with every second that passes. The stats back up that notion too – in fact over half of the world’s population are now Internet users and the figures have been growing for some time now.

This useful infographic highlights just how far we have come in terms of online This useful infographic highlights just how far we have come in terms of online activity. For example, there are now 3.2 social media users in the world. Given that there is an estimated population of under 8 billion people, that is a large percentage of people using social media. With the popularity of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat increasing all of the time, you wonder where it will stop. It is probably frightening for some people to think about how much time they spend on social media watching videos and generally being less productive than the days prior to social media!

The Internet is far from being an annoying distraction though as it has brought so many positive changes into the world. eCommerce has transformed the way that consumers buy products and services, with 80% of UK buyers using online commerce research before they buy a product online. Interestingly, eCommerce sales have rocketed by 13% over the last two years.

The next big development in commerce will be the increased usage of drones, with an estimated 600,000 to be in use by the end of 2018. Voice search is another trend that will be on the rise, currently there are over 1 billion voice searches performed each month and this figure will be even higher in the future. The popularity of Alexa and other voice command devices is growing, accounting for much of this projected increase in voice searches.

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