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The World is now LIVE on Facebook How to use it and some Tips for you

LIVE on Facebook

Photo Credits: Facebook Newsroom

From an unsupported project to a threat to TV broadcasting”. This is how Facebook live upturned, many people believe that Facebook live will be the key to the future of Facebook.

Probably you have seen or heard of the American presidential debate being broadcasted by ABC News via
Facebook live. This live video grabbed a  huge number of audience, to be accurate 28 million user tuned in live and 55 million watched the video itself. Wow?

So, how does it work?

Basically Facebook live allows you to stream live events, directly to your Facebook feed or groups. Anyone on his/her personal profile can use it by clicking on the live stream icon. This will start broadcasting a video live from your smart phone or desktop. The video can last for maximum 30 minutes. When you are done you click finish it will be posted as a normal video that anyone can watch on your profile. Viewers can write comments, like and share during the broadcasting time. Additional features are: adding caption/description to that video and the ability to block specific users from viewing it.

Why is it important?


  • Facebook gives priority to live videos in the newsfeed
  • Notification sent to all users that you are going live, this will help you get more followers if you succeeded to attract them through this video
live reactions android

Photo Credits: Facebook Newsroom

How to make it worthy?

Here are some tips before going live to go viral:

  1. Make sure you have good connectivity, double check your speed and reliability to avoid any inconvenience (and ruin it all instead).
  2. Tell people that you are going live ahead of time, make more than one announcement for people to be prepared.
  3. Practice makes perfection; this is live you cannot afford any fatal mistake, so practice, practice, practice.
  4. Engage the audience by asking questions and reading out loud their comments.
  5. Write a catchy description; make it short and sweet.

As you are reading this now millions of people from all around the world are live on Facebook either broadcasting or viewing. If you want to check it by yourself go to Facebook Live map and explore videos from all around the world.



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